Lewis Loud’s Brainwashing Techniques Compared to the Likes of Asahara Shoko and Hitler

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Lewis Loud, crowned by Simon Shen and endorsed by Joseph Lian as one of Hong Kong’s New Top Four Influential Writers and a Renowned Online KOL. Lewis Loud’s page boasts around thirty of thousands of supporters, and even Joshua Wong Chi-fung values his articles. Of course, many people are puzzled by why Lewis Loud frequently makes hateful and absurd statements (such as criticizing why Denise Ho doesn’t show love for men who want to rape her) but still retains his popularity. In the following analysis, I will attempt to understand Lewis Loud’s writing style and the low moral character he portrays in his descriptions of Chinese people that are so similar, yet he continues to be embraced by the broader population of Hong Kong.

Lewis Loud, Reminds Me of Asahara Shoko

Speaking of Lewis Loud, it brings to mind Asahara Shoko, the leader of Aum Shinrikyo, who masterminded the Tokyo sarin gas attack, and even Adolf Hitler, the former leader of the Nazi Party. Their statements were as absurd as it gets, yet they managed to attract a large following willing to die for their own interests while they enjoyed the benefits from behind the scenes. Although both of them faced justice in the end, the world paid a steep price for their success. The reasons for their success were connected to the economic explosions in Japan at the time and the Great Depression in Germany, leaving people in a state of anxiety, and they turned to desperate measures.

Why is Lewis Loud so highly praised, and why do so many people admire him?

For many years, Lewis Loud’s articles, published on various platforms, have advocated violence, hatred towards Chinese people, and a selfish, self-serving ideology (without criticism from Simon Shen and Joseph Lian). Some gullible individuals believed his abet and participated in the Mong Kok riots, only to face a bleak future. Inciting others to die, Lewis Loud, who remains in the safe place, still holds the title of a “noble” localist and enjoys contributions from his followers, which is deeply disheartening to the writer. Lacking any particular talent, I will specifically analyze the reasons for Lewis Loud’s popularity.

There are two reasons: first, Lewis Loud’s articles employ brainwashing techniques. Second, Lewis Loud’s articles manipulate people’s primal instincts in the name of morality, leading those influenced to believe that their bestial behavior is morally justified, thus making them even more spiritually excited.

Lewis Loud’s Use of Brainwashing Techniques: Lowering Subconscious Vigilance

How does Lewis Loud’s writing employ brainwashing techniques, even earning praise from Simon Shen and Joseph Lian? Firstly, Lewis Loud typically starts his articles with points that are widely accepted and agreed upon by the public. Then, after a few hundred words, he subtly introduces his own views, which are a blend of truth and falsehood, often presenting a one-sided version of the facts. As a result, readers, due to a lack of time to fact-check, end up mentally accepting Lewis Loud’s lies and facts unquestioningly, unwittingly endorsing Lewis Loud’s skewed presentation of the facts.

This is a common brainwashing technique, where the brainwasher initially presents issues and views that the target audience will agree with and endorse. Then, they suddenly introduce their own views. Because the target audience has continuously approved and accepted the brainwasher’s statements in the past, they have developed a subconscious sense of alignment with the brainwasher. As a result, the target audience, lacking skepticism or vigilance towards the brainwasher’s claims, often unwittingly embrace the narrator’s story.

Lewis Loud’s Brainwashing Techniques: Seeding

Additionally, Lewis Loud’s articles are often several thousand words long, which is another brainwashing technique known as “seeding.” Lewis Loud doesn’t present his malicious arguments all at once within the same paragraph. Typically, after introducing a small portion of his viewpoints, Lewis Loud’s articles divert the reader’s attention and touch upon widely known and universally accepted facts. After some more text, he introduces his own arguments again, but from a different perspective or angle, repeating this pattern three to five times within the same piece.

Seeding, in essence, involves not revealing all the viewpoints a manipulator wants to promote at once. Instead, they introduce their views after gaining the target’s agreement. They then shift the focus, engage in small talk, and wait for the target to lower their guard and increase their level of agreement. At that point, they reintroduce their viewpoint. This approach reduces the target’s vigilance and increases the chances of acceptance. This technique is commonly used in sales seminars and life courses.

Furthermore, Lewis Loud doesn’t limit himself to using just these two brainwashing techniques in one article. In fact, he employs these methods in nearly every article he writes. He is diligent in his writing, publishing articles almost daily. Those who read his articles consistently experience Lewis Loud’s brainwashing techniques repeatedly, making it difficult for them to resist and silently align with his views. Even individuals as astute as Joshua Wong, Simon Shen, and Joseph Lian cannot resist.

In fact, psychologists have studied some cult leaders and agitators, such as Asahara Shoko and Hitler, and they share a similar structure in their discourse to that of Lewis Loud. It is a structure that effectively captivates the masses.

Lewis Loud’s Brainwashing Techniques: Inciting Primal Instincts

Furthermore, Lewis Loud’s articles manipulate people’s primal instincts in the name of morality, making his readers believe that even if they act selfishly or indulge in hedonism, they are acting righteously. Simply by following Lewis Loud’s articles and contributing financially to him, they feel as if they are purchasing a redemption ticket, doing good deeds, and thus can indulge in pleasure without guilt.

Lewis Loud’s articles generally revolve around a few key arguments, tightly intertwined. Firstly, he asserts that all Chinese people are of low quality and enemies of Hong Kong democracy. Secondly, he equates Chinese people with the Chinese Communist Party, considering them inseparable. Thirdly, he promotes localism and Hong Kong independence as the only saviors of Hong Kong’s democratic struggle. Fourth, he criticizes the pan-democratic camp for prioritizing China over Hong Kong and achieving little for Hong Kong’s democracy over the past thirty years. Fifth, he advocates a clear distinction between the pan-democratic camp and the localists, accusing the former of hindering the democratic movement. It remains perplexing why Simon Shen holds him in such high regard.

Lewis Loud’s Views Are Riddled with Holes

Of course, upon closer examination, Lewis Loud’s views have numerous flaws. However, Lewis Loud has successfully promoted the idea that “the failure of Hong Kong’s democracy is because the pan-democrats collude with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to suppress the localists.” He then proceeds to denigrate all political actions by the pan-democrats and other groups as attempts to “collude” with the CCP to undermine Hong Kong’s democratic freedoms. As a result, the conclusion becomes that young people can place the blame for the failure of the democracy movement on the pan-democrats, and then engage in self-indulgence. They refrain from actively participating in the struggle (which can be strictly categorized into two types: non-violent activism, criticized by Lewis Loud for having pan-democratic elements, and participation is seen as maintenance of stability; and the other is militant activism, which Lewis Loud won’t actively join but encourages others to do so). Instead, they become keyboard warriors online and indulge in leisure.

It’s human nature for everyone to seek comfort and avoid laborious efforts. Lewis Loud now has a theoretical framework that leads people to believe that the absence of democracy in Hong Kong is the responsibility of the pan-democrats. Consequently, if the pan-democrats are not entirely eliminated, there is no room for progress in Hong Kong’s democracy. This leads to the absurd conclusion that everyone can indulge in pleasure, simply by standing on a moral high ground and condemning the pan-democrats on the internet or social media, as if they were actively promoting the democracy movement themselves. Lewis Loud uses this method to unleash people’s base instincts, allowing them to feel morally justified while not actively supporting Hong Kong’s democracy. It’s a clever tactic.

In summary, I am not exonerating the pan-democrats. They have made strategic mistakes in their thirty years of democratic activism, and anyone can give severe criticism. However, Lewis Loud and other localist KOLs do not actively provide hope or spontaneously organize different actions for the betterment of Hong Kong’s democracy. Instead, they exploit the promotion of violent riots and the criticism of the pan-democrats’ ineffectiveness in democratic movement to gain fame and fortune. This is what I find most distasteful. I know a Trotskyist senior who, despite offering valid criticism of the pan-democrats’ ineffectiveness and strategic errors, has been viewed as an enemy and persecuted by the pan-democrats for over thirty years. However, he continues to actively organize the democracy movement. Lewis Loud, who only knows how to insult others but does not contribute, cannot compare to such individuals!

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